Up With the Dawn
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Ina's morning was often punctuated by the appearance of the horses being herded toward the aspen corral beside her cabin high atop the Little Blitzen Gorge in the Steens Mountain. This land is now national wilderness area. This painting features the orange skies of early morning shining from the east in late October. The wrangler appears silhouetted in the dust behind the horses. This painting is done entirely with brushes on canvas board, and measures 24 x 30. It is signed in the lower left and dated 1961. In July 1961, Ina captured this scene on a slide. She painted the scene from the slide that following winter at her Leaburg area home, changing the season to late Fall and adding the clouds and color to the sky to accentuate the "dawn" theme. She showed it at the Eugene Hotel in December, 1961. After showing at the Broiler Restaurant in Roseburg, Oregon and the Courtel Hotel in Coos Bay, Oregon it was stolen from the Mark Antony Hotel show in Ashland, Oregon. The thief had jumped a train there with four paintings. Police recovered it near San Francisco when the thief tried to sell it to a dealer, and returned it to Ina on November 14, 1962. It appeared in nine shows after its return, before being sold to Robert Ervin, an orthodontist who headed up the Goldwater campaign for President in Salem, Oregon. His daughter Melissa had been a participant as a child in Ina’s rustic Steens Mountain girls' camp. Ina had hung the painting along with the Goldwater portrait at the campaign headquarters in Salem during the campaign. Ina later appeared with Mr. Goldwater at the Republican National Convention in San Francisco on national television, presenting him with the official portrait she had made of him. Dr. Ervin liked this wrangling scene and bought it, presenting Ina with an IOU on April 7, 1964. When Dr. Ervin and his wife divorced, the painting passed to his son Paul Ervin in Windsor, California. The current owner purchased the painting from Paul Ervin in 1993.