La Sorgente
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A french antique porcelain sculpture is the subject of this still life. It was painted in June 1963 as a demonstration during Paul Gross show in Portland, Oregon on a 20 x 24 inch stretched canvas. The owner of the gallery said he could hardly believe someone could just sit down and paint as beautifully as she did. He asked her to demonstrate, pulling something from the back showroom he felt was appropriate to paint. Ina preferred to find her own subject from the gallery, choosing this sculpture. Mr. Gross, and all who watched her paint during this show, were amazed as the painting took shape. She signed the painting in the lower right and dated it 1963. It appeared in 21 shows, listing "not for sale" in some, and was given to Ina’s daughter Bessilee Jimison shortly before Ina's death. The current owner purchased the painting from Mrs. Jimison.