The Lord is My Shepherd #2
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A passage from the 23rd Psalm of the Bible is illustrated here using a scene from the Little Blitzen River and sheep herded by Basques from Spain who were in this area during that time (Steens Mountain, Southeastern Oregon). This vertical rendition of an earlier similar work was commissioned in 1969 by Lowell Rhoden for the chapel in the mausoleum he was building in Thurston, Oregon. It is on canvas, glued to masonite. Ina signed the work in the lower left and dated it "69." The painting measures 24 x 30. Ina had intended to be buried in a crypt in the chapel wall where this work was placed, but later decided to be cremated. The museum changed hands. The current owner purchased the painting from the new owners of the mausoleum in 1991. Ina, in reflecting on this work, wrote the following lines on March 20, 1973: The Lord is My Shepherd. I listen, In rapture to hear when He calls. For I must ever be ready While the light of His love round me falls. His glory bursts forth in the dawning With a promise of joy to be mine When I shall awake some sweet morning To stand in His presence Divine