Bridle Path
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Arthel Kline, dressed in her grandmother's black silk dress and riding her palomino side-saddle at the age of 17, gallops along the bridle path on her way to church on Sunday in the little hamlet of Frenchglen, Oregon, at the base of the Steens Mountain. The church steeple is barely visible on the left side of the painting. Arthel posed for this and one other painting on Thursday, June 9, 1963, in Springfield. Ina painted the landscape on site above Frenchglen, and added the horse and rider later in her home studio. The painting was signed in the lower left and dated 1963. It appeared in 15 shows. The painting sold to Gene Favell for his Favellís Museum of Western Art and Artifacts in 1970. Later, Ina purchased the painting back from the museum, desiring to keep the painting in her family. The painting measures 24 x 30 on stretched canvas. Ina said that after she painted this, she didnít want to change a thing; and that this was the only painting she ever painted that caused her to feel this way. The current owner purchased the painting from Ina in 1971.