Blitzen Corral #2
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Three corrals, joined by narrow gates, once served to separate sheep. Only one remained in use for the Pruitt’s lower camp, here serving to hold six pack horses. The Pruitt's old tent is visible in the distance, and Veltie, Ina’s husband can be seen bending down to shoe a seventh horse. The Little Blitzen falls over rapids to the left, while evening light shines from the mouth of the gorge highlighting a grove of cottonwoods in the lower camp. The scene is the Little Blitzen Gorge in the Steens Mountain in Southeastern Oregon. Painted on site on a stretched 24 x 36 canvas in July 1966, it was signed in the lower right and dated "66." Ina had given the same name to a previous painting of the same subject from a different angle. Veltie traded this work to a Frenchglen buckaroo by the name of Claude Bryson, for three pack horses on July 26, 1966 at the Frenchglen hotel, while the painting was still wet. The current owner purchased the painting from Claude's wife, Margaret, in Emmett, Idaho in 1992.