By Janice Gutenberg

Each deed I’ve done,
Each spoken word
I’ll ne’er regain
For they’ve been heard;
And there is one
Thing sure to be;
They’ve left their mark
Where others see
How I have lived
And thought within;
For words and deeds,
In love or sin
As diamonds glow
Or rain that falls
Speak for themselves
From inner walls.
How fitting then
To wisely choose
What fills my mind
So as not to lose
In epitaph
When I am gone,
For though I die,
My life lives on.


In God’s Own Time
By Janice Gutenberg

Confusing days
In many ways
Uncertainties of life;
Its pages flying
Chapte rs dying
Leaving mental strife.

The glowing sun
Within, we run
Her warming rays to crave,
Then showers fall
As heartaches call --
They’ll follow to the grave.

But realize
From highest skies
It takes both rain and sun;
For life to grow
Pain we must know
Before her crown we’ve won.

So take each page
Receive its wage
No matter which it be;
The sun will shine
In God’s own time
To bless both you and me.